Lesson Type #1

Concept Overview

In these lessons, global experts highlight key theories, concepts, strategies and skills required to thoroughly understand important topics within the module.

Lesson Type #2

Coffee Talk

In coffee talk, our world-class faculty sit down over coffee to discuss critical issues in healthcare simulation. Differing viewpoints are debated and supportive evidence is presented, leaving you to decide how you’ll address these issues in practice!


Lesson Type #3

Expert Insights

Expert insights offer illuminating and candid interviews with Internationally-renowned simulation scholars who share their stories of success and failure. These sessions provide the advice required to bring your skillset to the next level.


Lesson Type #4

Journal Chat

Spend some time with our international faculty as they take a deep dive exploring sentinel articles within healthcare simulation. Course faculty highlight the critical points from each publication and review practical strategies for implementing lessons learned.


Lesson Type #5

Illustrative Examples

Illustrative examples are designed to demonstrate how critical concepts can be applied in practice. Written examples show how checklists and blueprints can be used, while videos provide expert-modeled examples of key skills.


Lesson Type #6

Checklists and Blueprints

Checklists offer a practical resource to support the implementation of concepts described in the module. Blueprints provide a roadmap of steps required to achieve certain goals for learners.


Lesson Type #7


For each module, certain activities are suggested to provide opportunity to practice, refine, and master the skills presented in prior lessons.


Lesson Type #8


Resources provide a comprehensive list of important studies, review articles, blogs, podcasts and other resources designed to support your learning.